Our Scope of Services

The peace of mind of doing business without any borders

Comprehensive Logistics Operator

As Logistic Operators
We provide comprehensive services in Sea, Land and Air Freight Forwarding. (Door-to-door).

From the support given in the stage prior to the issuance of the purchase order to the delivery of materials at the final destination, we offer our customers our special skills and experience, which go beyond traditional logistics, seeking ways to create added value and using innovative processes that combine the global reach of our Overseas Agents with the operational support of our Company at a local level. This integration of different business areas undoubtedly represents a complete package of solutions and services that enable the discovery of the true potential for the unified supervision of shipments.

Delivering value in the supply chain

Freight Forwarder
Customs Management

Consulting on the procurement process

Customs Legal and Technical Consulting

Assessment of Import and Export Process

Consulting on International Agreements

Analysis of specific Import costs

Confirmation of Customs Tariffs and Taxes

TProcessing of the benefits of a Turnkey Plant and other special arrangements for duty and tax relief

Special Transportation Services and Integrated Logistics

Chartering Contracts

Handling of heavy and overdimensioned cargoes

Freight Supervision

Coordination, activation and tracking of shipments

Preparation and control of shipping documents

Management of Customs Clearance

On-line tracking of all transactions

AA critical response team in case of urgencies and contingencies

Centralized Customs Management System

Efficiently leveraging our optimal infrastructure, we have developed an Intelligent Customs Management System which is interconnected with the María Computer System (Sistema Informático Maria, SIM), and this allows us to work simultaneously with all Argentine customs online.

This process begins with the receipt of the customer's purchase order, at any of our offices, and ends up with the delivery of goods at the chosen destination All this is performed in a simple, secure, and fast manner and with technological precision.

Online Tracking of all Transactions

Tracking of Temporary Imports

Comparative Advantages of our Management

We have the freedom to choose the most suitable Logistics and the most convenient Customs.

We rely on a single point of contact to make requests and receive information.

We centralize all Administrative tasks and the flow of Documents in a single Company.

We hire an Operator from each of the communities where our offices are located in order to conduct all operations.

Accuracy and Promptness to Respond to Customs and Legal claims.

We efficiently exercise a greater control over Operations.

In case of urgencies and contingencies, we rely on a fast and permanent response team.